The Endangered Languages Music Project is a global anthropological research project which aims to record and document extinct and endangered languages through music. The project will start by recording songs in the six languages mentioned above because of the languages very concerning rates of rapid decline, the rising threat of sea level rise to the South Pacific islands and the areas fascinating culture. By focusing on recording the languages through song, we are making the languages more memorable for future generations.


Additionally, the languages above have been chosen, because they are South Pacific languages which according to the UNESCO Atlas of languages are the most in danger of becoming extinct, ranging from approximately 600 - 15,0000 speakers. 


This project will record existing folk songs and write new ones, but in collaboration with native speakers. On each island, we will work with local translators and community members. This could include local universities, arts groups, choirs and within schools.

We will also work with local schools to create alphabet books, with illustrations in the six different languages. This will help preserve the foundations of the language for new language learners.