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I am an anthropologist, archaeologist, naturalist, educator, filmmaker and author (or in short an explorer).


I aim to enlighten others about the beauty of earth and learn and understand more about those inhabit it. 


I started my exploration journey a little lost and with no idea that just by being myself, it would turn into an amazing adventure. That one day the little girl who would run around the garden pretending to discover ‘El Dorado’ would be walking through the overgrowth of the Jungles of Central America to visit an untouched archaeological site.


I graduated from University with a BA in Drama and Classical Archaeology. Only weeks later I embarked on an expedition to the Arctic Circle with the British Exploring Society to help collect data for climate change.  I continued my studies to gain a MA in Social Anthropology (Specialising in Visual Anthropology). During my MA I lived and filmed with a community of Maya deep in the Central American rainforest for my research and discovered, what the archaeological remains of Belize, hold for the Maya people of today.


In 2019, I was named the Scientific Exploration Societies River Foundation Explorer for Health and Humanities 2019.With this award I returned to live with the Maya of Central America to produce educational resources in their native language, explore the surrounding jungle for ancient Maya archaeology and deliver dental hygiene workshops.


I am a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Royal Anthropological Institute and a member of the Explorers Club. I am perfectly qualified in talking, with a PGCE in secondary Geography and a certificate in ‘Geoscience Education’. I strongly believe that ‘Education has the power to change the world’ and this is something I proudly support.

One of my personal aims is to make a real positive difference. Making sure that my work has tangible results, with progressive impact is important to me.

Currently I am undertaking my PHD in Social Anthropology with a specialism in environmental and Amazonian Anthropology. 


Previous and Current Expedition Supporters 

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