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Music Performance

The Endangered Languages Music Project

'Music is to the soul, what words are to the mind' Modest Mouse 

The Endangered Languages Music Project is a global anthropological research project which aims to record and document extinct and endangered languages through music. 

We aim to record existing folk songs and write new ones, but in collaboration with native speakers.
In each location we will work with local translators and community members. Including local universities, arts groups, choirs and within schools.
We will also work with local schools to create alphabet books and deliver music supplies, which will help in the longevity of their language and music.

The expedition team will made up of a mix of creatives, including musicians, sound recordists and teachers. 

Our first destination will be to record songs in endangered languages of the South Pacific Islands.

Get Involved

We are also looking for sponsorship opportunities. If you think you might be interested in supporting the expedition please contact Charlotte directly at  

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